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#jen’s reaction every time colin talks about killian and his feelings for emma#is actually the cutest (✿◠‿◠)


Eliza Taylor at San Diego Comic Con (x)


• Williams revealed the Game of Thrones fight choreographers will forget that she insists on playing Arya left-handed, as in the book, even though she’s right-handed in real life. She will make them re-choreograph scenes. She also really wants to do more of her own horse riding. “I know Richard Madden got to actually gallop,” she said. And by the way, “all hell broke loose” when she got her nose pierced.

• Dormer should always be the one to explain Game of Thrones to new fans: “Game of Thrones shows you all the different ways you can wield power: Whether it’s psychological, physical, sexual, dragons,” Dormer said. “I think we’d all go for the dragons if we were given the choice. But that’s the secret of the writing, that’s why it’s such a compelling show—because it shows how different people are given different weapons, physically and metaphorically, and how they use them.”

Maisie Williams & Natalie Dormer attend the Women Who Kick Ass panel during Comic-Con 2014 in San Diego [x]

you know its a good fanfic when it makes you cry tbh

lost rewatch ✈ 1x04 walkabout


If I don’t remember who I am, who’s to say I’m not a princess or a duchess or whatever she is, right?


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Lana "I can’t say" Parrilla

Josh “life is a photoshoot” Dallas (feat. Colin O’Donoghue) at SDCC ‘14

when u love famous people and fictional characters more than you love yourself



OUAT Cast at Entertainment Weekly's Annual Comic-Con Celebration